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FractureCode is turnkey provider of fully integrated hardware and software
Track&Trace solutions.

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Device Management

Software controls the cameras, readers, printers, conveyors, and reject devices.



Advanced software program controls devices while managing serialization and aggregation logic on your manufacturing line and seamlessly connects to hardware devices including printers, cameras, etc.


Site Management

Software in Manufacturing Execution Systems stores data regarding each individual serial number and aggregation hierarchy, acting as the intermediary between Level 4 and supervisory system for a coordinated inventory control setup.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) structures represent the engines which manage orders, packaging, and audit trails.

Why we recommend our solutions?

Our products can be easily scaled to fit both low- and high-speed production lines.

From hand scanners and manual productions to lines that have speeds of more than 1000 units per minute, we are experienced and fully capable to satisfy the specific need of your business.

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Our retrofitted hardware solutions can be installed with a minimum of production downtime.

Our project managers and engineers pay close attention to production efficiency keeping it at the highest possible level during the entire length of the installation and commissioning process. In addition, careful planning and coordination between all parties involved in the project result in ease of communication and implementation.

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Since its inception over 20 years ago, FractureCode Corporation has prioritized supplying efficient industrial Track&Trace solutions for manufactures. Our solutions have been optimized by closely following the needs of our customers and increasing and changing the authorities' demands. 

Our development teams develop all our products and roll them out by our implementation teams. That gives us the closest possible connection with our stakeholders' needs and optimizes both the efficiency and flexibility of the solutions we provide. We are always determined to find and offer the best solution to our clients.

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To get the best out of the entire process, all elements must be compatible and work together in harmony. Using a single supplier can simplify the integration process and ensure the best results.

For any additional solution components not developed by our own teams, we are partnering up with best companies in the world that have a proven track record of their efficiency.

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Step-by-step implementation plan

The complexity of Track&Trace solution implementation of this magnitude impacts every aspect of your business. Rest assured that you have a trustworthy partner who understands the process and helps you prepare, equip, and train your resources on time. Careful planning and accurate execution are required to get everything done correctly, considering the least invasive approach in the production process. Below is an example of a typical implementation schedule covering key stages of a technical solution’s development and approval.

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Support provided within the process

We fully understand that production lines differ, as well as the regulations for different products and markets.

Proven track record spanning over 20 years with successful installation of more than 500 production lines across diverse markets make us a reliable strategic partner to your business.

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During the entire process, we always keep your business and cost-effectiveness of the project in mind. Our systems are adjusted to your existing hardware and retrofitted so they don´t interfere with the existing organization of your production.

Also, our project managers work closely with you so the production process is interrupted as less as it is possible.

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After implementation, Track&Trace technology becomes a part of your everyday life. Experience in the field helps us understand the whole process and the whole solution is completely user-friendly.

Primary goal after implementation is to educate those who will spend the most time working on it. For that purpose, we have organized training programs for operators and IT departments in factories.

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As your business grows and changes, so do the regulations and technologies, as well as the number of markets that puts Track&Trace as necessary. FractureCode Corporation is here to become your strategic partner in these changes and help you follow and set new standards.

Our support teams are here to help maintain both your software and line systems. The development department is continuously improving our products, making them faster, even more reliable, and tailored to specific means of emerging markets and changing regulations.

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