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Leading supplier of end-to-end Track&Trace solutions

FractureCode is a leading supplier of industrial end-to-end Track&Trace solutions, with customers in more than 40 countries.

Thanks to our expertise in industrial automation, machine vision technologies, serialization, aggregation and advanced IT development, we have grown to become the preferred supplier for some of the world’s largest brand owners and manufacturers.

Our solutions are installed in over 500 highly industrial production lines, helping customers to become compliant with the most demanding regulations on the chosen markets.

Our Expertise

and verifying
product information
for all key stakeholders

Track&Trace technology enables you to collect and verify product information and status by tracking a product’s unique journey, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and each supply chain step.

Using cutting-edge Track&Trace technology, we can create and assign secure “electronic passports” to individual items, bundles, cases, or pallets in the form of unique code. In addition, it allows you to track and proactively use real data and insights across the entire supply chain, relevant to all key stakeholders - manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and even government agencies.

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From complying with the latest regulations, to building trust.

Implementation of fast-moving consumer goods traceability may be driven by a variety of motives, from state-initiated anti-counterfeiting and market regulation goals to process optimization, cost reduction and product quality growth initiated by business owners.

Regardless of industry and motives, traceability benefits everyone, leading to the increase of trust, safety, quality and efficiency.

Track&Trace benefits everyone

  • Protect the brand by preventing revenue loss due to counterfeit products.
  • Protect the business by adhering to the market regulations of the respective industry.
  • Protect the business with timely reaction and easy error detection in critical situations
  • Improve processes and optimize costs through better inventory management control and optimization, data access and better understanding of retail requirements.
  • Enable businesses to manage/drive quality improvement programs.
  • Enable businesses to conduct direct marketing activities with retailers and consumers through product unique verification codes.
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  • Prove the safety and quality of the product.
  • Gain and build trust through production transparency and product sourcing.
  • Protect health by providing information visibility regarding product ingredients, origin, usage and warranty.
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  • Help combat illicit trade and tax evasion, especially with respect to regulated products such as tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals.
  • Provide solutions to meet international health and safety regulations.
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Why choose us?

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International presence

Established in 2002, FractureCode serves customers in 42 countries across the globe from our offices in Copenhagen and Belgrade along with additional remote teams in Lodz and Bucharest.

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Market leader
with rich experience

Market leader with over 20 years of experience in serialization and aggregation for manufacturers and governments. While we count some of the world’s largest brand owners and manufacturers amongst our clients, we also support small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide.

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T&T product portfolio developed for FMCG industry

As experts in high-speed printing of unique codes, vision systems, aggregation, machine integration and software development, we developed a complete product portfolio to deal with all types of Track&Trace requirements for Fast Moving Consumer Good including Dairy, Tobacco, Beer, Water, Soft Drinks, Clothes and several other product groups.

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More than 500
systems implemented

We have implemented more than 500 tracking systems around the world and continue to develop solutions to meet continually evolving challenges in new markets and industries.

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Cost effective and flexible solutions

State-of-the-art products and solutions which can be implemented and retro-fitted in cost effective manners.

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Integrated solutions

As a mature and reliable turnkey provider, FractureCode offers fully integrated solutions, from L1 to L4:

  • Line Equipment with devices such as printers, cameras, sensors.
  • Serialization, reporting and quality assurance of data.
  • Supply chain platform, Track&Trace Event repository and government reporting
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Client centric support

A fully dedicated team of experts is at your disposal with professional support and guidance regarding Track&Trace solutions infrastructure implementation and training for resources operating the system.

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Industry & Regulatory compliance support

We provide our clients with support and expertise to stay compliant with the strictest market laws such as the European Track&Trace regulations (EU TPD) for tobacco industry and the Russian National Track&Trace system from CRPT for tobacco, dairy, water and beer.

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