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Terms of use

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Our business includes the manufacture and distribution of materials for the production of cigarettes and other tobacco products. We are not involved in the retail of cigarettes or other tobacco products and nothing in this website is intended to market, promote or advertise tobacco products in any jurisdiction.

There may be restrictions or prohibitions applicable in certain jurisdictions on the purchase, resale or distribution of Our goods or services. It is not Our policy to check the laws of the jurisdictions in which Our customers are based and We accept no responsibility for any losses or liabilities suffered by Our customers (or their customers) in respect of their purchase, receipt or use of Our goods and services. You are advised to check the applicable laws in your jurisdiction.The release, publication or distribution of documents on this website in jurisdictions other than Denmark may be restricted by law and therefore persons in a jurisdiction other than Denmark into which such documents are released, published, distributed or otherwise accessible should inform themselves about and reserve any restrictions.


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Nothing in these Terms of Use is intended to restrict or exclude any liability that We have to any party which can not be so restricted or excluded by law, including liability for death or personal injury resulting from Our negligence. These Terms of Use shall be governed by Danish law and the courts of Denmark shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in relation with this website.