March 22, 2023

FractureCode Launches Baldur 2.0 - More User-Friendly Traceability Software

FractureCode Corporation is proud to announce the release of Baldur 2.0, an improved version of our traceability software.

As a company committed to meeting its customers' needs, FractureCode Corporation has worked tirelessly to make Baldur easier to use and more efficient.

Improved User Interface

Baldur is used 24/7 in factories worldwide, and FractureCode Corporation has made sure that its software is user-friendly.

After analyzing customer feedback, the company has made several changes to the user interface, including the addition of new fields and functionalities, and improvements to existing ones.

User-Friendly Logs

FractureCode Corporation values its users' time and energy. With Baldur 2.0, the company has made logs more informative and user-friendly, enabling each user to identify potential issues that require attention.

Enhanced UID Storage Relocation

The FractureCode Corporation team is continuously searching for ways to optimize memory usage. With Baldur 2.0, the company has improved the UID storage location, enhancing internal communication between ACS and FSS modules, as well as communication between SAGA software and ACS. This improvement has made the entire process faster and more efficient.

Koenig&Bauer Printer Driver

FractureCode Corporation has added a driver for Koenig&Bauer industrial printers to Baldur 2.0. The company is committed to making Baldur compatible with the latest printers and staying up-to-date with the latest production standards.

By launching Baldur 2.0, FractureCode Corporation has taken a significant step towards improving its traceability software. The company's commitment to meeting its customers' needs is evident in the various improvements and enhancements made to Baldur.